Making Homewood feel like home

Blue Jay Boxes curates and delivers quality care packages to any dorm on the JHU campus. Easy, fun, and affordable!


Blue Jay Boxes offers a variety of quality, hand-crafted care packages perfect for a Hopkins student’s every need. We provide fun, specialized, and high quality boxes designed to offer support and encouragement to students. You can order boxes ranging from seasonal-themed packages such as Valentine’s Day and Secret Week to customizable gifts and treats for birthdays or sick days. Help make Homewood feel like home for any occasion with a care package from Blue Jay Boxes.


Choose a Box

We offer a myriad of personal curated combination boxes ranging from seasonal-themed packages to birthday boxes.

Write a Custom Message

Personalize your package with a message. Leave a limerick, song lyrics, an emojii and we'll include it in the box.

We Assemble & Deliver

Once we receive your order, we will assemble the box with your message and deliver it. We'll even take a picture!

Early Access

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